The Big Secret!

Many collectors of toy figures in Australia seem to rely on eBay or Amazon for their purchases (other then trading sites). Often you are purchasing from overseas and not only are you charged with exorbitant prices but your also slogged with a massive delivery fee. So determined to get a better deal I did a lot of research and landed on the site, J.A.U.C.E, the Japan AUction CEnter – Its my big secret ….but I am willing to share with my collecting nerds.

It gives you access to many Japanese auction sites and the prices are reasonable or MUCH better then either eBay or Amazon. There is delivery costs and handling costs from the site but overall, if your measure is eBay, the prices are so much better.

How it works is you bid, win and the Japanese seller sends the item to the JAUCE shipping factory. They then store your items together for up to 60 days. You then can ship all items together at the one time, thus saving postage.

I recently brought 5 items from various sellers, waited till they all arrived at the shipping factory and today I received them. Beautifully packaged and bubble wrapped. Most items I brought from between $2 and $20, the equivalent items on eBay would cost anywhere between $20 and $90, and delivery was $23 for all items. Paying for seperate items on eBay for delivery would run you 5 times the amount.

I guess my lesson is don’t settle when collecting, seek hard, pay less and never give up. Collecting should be a journey, but one that has reasonable delivery prices.

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