The Big Five

After the release of the Original 130mm Danboard in 2007, there has only been 4 more Danboards released in that size. Most Danbo’s are considered minis and only stand at 80mm. All of the 130mm versions include the seperate head of Miuri Hayasaka. The other four 130mm Danboards include, the Amazon Danboard in Dec 2007, featuring the markings an amazon packing box includes. This version has had 3 releases, Dec 2007, July 2011 and August 2013. It is easily purchased through eBay or Amazon.


The 7 – 11 version released in November 2008. Features the 7 – 11 logotypes and website markings. It is fairly rare but do appear every now and again on auction sites, be careful of overpricing. This version does not come in a mini size making it more of a collectible.


In May 2011, Kaiyodo released the “Very Well Done” version. The only difference between this version of Danbo and the original is the little stamp on the back of Danbo’s head, a cherry blossom I think. This comes from a later manga in which Danbo appears, this time with a congratulatory stamp from Muria and Ena’s teacher for job well-done. The base stand also features the stamp and the packaging has sticker that sets this from the original. A mini version of this version was released in August 2013.




The last of the 5 is the Cheero Version,  released in  Jan 2014. Cheero is a Japanese company that markets a range of electronic equipment and offers a portable battery charger with Danbo’s face. It features the Cheero logotype and a power range of the face of 10400mAh (milliamp per Hour). The Cheero version also comes in a mini, released in October 2014. It featrues a power range of 6000mAh.


It’s sad that there is not more of this size. I guess that it makes them more collectable.

Thanks for reading …..collect the unexpected!

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