The First Ever!

The first Danboard figure off the production line became internet famous around late December 2007, when Japanese company Kaiyodo started to produce small action figures of Danbo. The figure had movable arms, legs and head. It has no markings and includes a separate connection and head of Miuri Hayasaka, the original six year old girl who dresses up as a cardboard robot in the Manga Series, Yotsuba&!

The figure stands at 130mm, 50 mm taller than the mini sized figures, and was designed by Enoki Tomohide. Most Danbo’s come in the mini size, standing at 80mm. There are currently 5 versions that are 130mm tall. The Orginal (or Normal) pictured here, an Amazon version, a 7-11 version, a Cheero version and the Stamped Original version (stamped on the back of the head with a cherry blossom stamp that reads “Very Well Done”).

Danbo has several name variations, Danboard, Danboru, Danbooru and Cardbo, but by far is best known as Danbo. Lots of Danboard versions and products have been made since the first action figure, feeding the collection obsession.

The Original or Normal Version has been released a number of times:-

  • November 2016 – (4537807003010)
  • June 2014 -
  • August 2013 -
 Renewal Package (4537807050175)
  • August 2012 (still looking for the original JAN no.)
  • July 2011 (still looking for the original JAN no.)
  • October 2010 (4537807050175)
  • December 2007(4537807011015)




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