The Birth of the Obsession

The Birth of my Danboard Collection was the mini Amazon version. Originally released in December 2008 and produced exclusively for, this little figure stands at 80mm and represents Amazon’s product packaging. Manufactured by Kaiyodo, the designer of the original Danboard was Enoki Tomohide.

As soon as I opened the package I was in love. Danbo has been everywhere with me since. Holidaying she is a constant feature in my camera bag. I try to put Danbo in photos of the everyday activities I do.


You can easily access this figure from Amazon or eBay. Be careful of fake versions. Fakes are poorly moulded with cheap looking plastic, are often slightly taller with thinner body. Original Danboards also come in boxes that are glued sealed whereas most fakes will come with a sticky tape seal. Not all, but some, fakes come from China and Hong Kong. The text on the bodies is often different as well. Below is my original Danboard (excuse the fact she is a little knocked around from travelling with me) on the left and the fake on the right.


It’s often hard to tell on the internet so think about the price you are paying and ask the seller for as many images as possible. Danboards don’t have manufacturing numbers printed on them anywhere but they do have product numbers on their packaging. Most collectable Danboards have only one release so they have one recognisable product or JAN number. This figure, due to its popularity, has been released a number of times.

The releases I know about are:-

  • July 2013 – Version  JAN no. 4537807051143
  • July 2011
 (still looking for the original JAN no.)
  • December 2008 (still looking for the original JAN no.)

If you are a Danboard fan you definitely need to check out

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