Collecting the Unlikely!

Have you ever caught yourself in a moment, either scouring a market or the web, getting excited over the oddest of object. Then thinking to yourself …..’how did I get to this point?’ Well that’s me! I have definitely fallen into being a collector, although it is in the blood. My father is an avid stamp collector, who spends time everyday working on his collection.

My passion lies with collecting a little figurine called Danboard, or Danbo to her friends. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever one you believe, this collecting obsession is slowly creeping into other unique minifigures.

It all started from my other hobby, photography. I saw other photographers photographing Danboard in funny life situations and immediately wanted one from myself. I jumped on amazon and ordered, so excited to receive Danbo when she arrived, but also curious as to what exactly the figure was based on.

Danboard (ダンボー) comes from the manga Yotsuba&! In the manga, Danboard is a costume worn by Miura Hayasaka, a friend of Yotsuba’s most frequent playmate, Ena Ayase. Ena does not have the heart to tell Yotsuba that Danboard is not a real robot, so Yotsuba thinks Danboard is real. Danboard first appears in chapter 28: “Yotsuba & Danbo (よつばとダンボー)”

Doing my research I also found that Danboard has been picked up by many Japanese companies, who have developed their own versions of Danboard….and hence the collection began.

This blog will look at specifically my collection and my beginning obsession with new unique minifigure lines.

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